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A Celebration of Banners features 170 beautiful colour photos of church praise banners and 55 stories of praise banner making for churches and other organisations including a prison, from around the UK and 11 countries abroad.

A practical resource for new and experienced banner makers and anyone interested in the creative arts, craft and worship. Designs are free to copy, project or adapt for any non-commercial purpose or project.

128 pages 285 x 210 mm full colour paperback.
ISBN 978 095585 820 8
Recommended Retail Price:
£7 UK.
Published by Rochart.

Church praise banners
Ruth Wood and Priscilla Nunnerley have been involved in the making of banners for praise and worship over many years. They have worked together on six books between 1982 and 2008 covering various aspects of church praise and worship banners. Their knowledge and experience is shown in the editing and compilation fo the 170 photographs and 55 stories of church praise banners and banner in A Celebration of Banners.

What’s inside A Celebration of Banners?
This is Ruth and Priscilla’s most ambitious book. It includes information on: making banners; guidance on banner themes, colours, lettering and different tequniques; how a group of banner-makers can receive inspiration and why banner making is so rewarding.

Making church praise banners are good for your church!
Ruth and Priscilla believe very strongly that making church praise banners can be a very special experience for groups of groups of Christians and individuals to honour the Lord in their churches. Coming together to plan and dsign banners, choosing the message or Bible verse that is to be used on the praise banners and the actual banners can unite Christians and churches.

Buy the book if you and your church are thinking of making a church praise banner or just to see the beautiful handiwork. Read the stories of how people and churches have had fun and fellowship alongside the blessing and encouragement that church praise banners have brought.

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