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Noah’s Ark church praise bannerBurgh  church praise bannerWalthamstow  church praise banner church praise bannerDovegate Prison  church praise banner church praise bannerBenedicite Hangings  church praise bannerThe Lord Beside Us  church praise bannerChildren's World  church praise bannerThe Quilt  church praise bannerChrist Has Set Us Free  church praise bannerSnowflake  church praise bannerMission Posters  church praise bannerMural  church praise bannerStep Out  church praise bannerAlbanian banner

A Celebration of Banners features on a website called Art Serve (supporting creative arts in worship).

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What people say about
A Celebration of Banners

‘It is superb and rates a few healthy ‘WOWS.’
Mike & Dixie Blackmore, Hampshire

‘An inspirational and diverse collection of banners – confidence boosting resource with Jesus at the centre.’
Beryl Gray, London

‘I found the book very spiritually uplifting.’
Jeanette Atienza, Chesham

‘Let’s hope and pray that it does stimulate another generation to make God-honouring, Christ exalting, word placarding banners.’
Stuart Reid, Hyde Heath, Amersham

‘There is so much here that can be used as a focus for communal worship and personal reflection.’
Alison Twaddle, Church of Scotland Guild, Edinburgh

‘I’m going to show the book to the pastor and see if he clicks with the idea of making banners.’
Lyn Woodford, New Zealand

‘Just right for leaving on the coffee table’
Jane, North Yorkshire.

‘It’s very encouraging to see so many simple truths so passionately expressed in banners.’
Jackie Klaasen, California, USA

‘It most certainly is ‘A Celebration of Banners’, what joy it has given me and will for many years to come.’
Susan Taylor, Preston